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What is the value of a Wilt Chamberlain autograph?

  approximatly $2250 depending on the condition. they can be anywhere from $2250-2600 like i said, cruddy shape? cruddy value
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Which teams did Wilt Chamberlain play on?

Wilt played his college ball at the University of Kansas. His NBA career was with the Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, and Los Angeles Lakers. After hi (MORE)

Is Richard Chamberlain married?

Richard Chamberlain is not, and has never been married. Until last year, he had been in a long-time committed relationship with Martin Rabett. They lived in Hawaii, until Rich (MORE)

Who is Chamberlain and Churchill?

  Chamberlain was Prime Minister before the war started up to May 1940. He was best known for appeasing Hitler at Munich in 1938-he thought he had an assurance from Hitler (MORE)

Was Chamberlain right in his policy of appeasement?

Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement to Adolf Hitler at  Munich in 1938 is overwhelmingly accepted to have been one of  history's worst blunders. Both Chamberlain and (MORE)

How much can Wilt Chamberlain bench?

Some say over 400 lbs. Probably way more than that with him being a  super athlete and very strong.   2) Wilt Himself said that He could do 600 , But , as much as I love (MORE)