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Why do dogs howl when you howl?

Howling is a throwback from your dog's wolf lineage. Wolves howl together as a form of pack bonding. They learn each others' howls, and use those howls as a means of communica (MORE)
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Why do monkeys howl?

Animals make loud noises (howls, roars, whinnies, etc) for several reasons.. To communicate with other animals who are out of sight . To warn off animals who are in their te (MORE)

How do you get a dog to howl?

Get a fire truck to come by and it will sing along with the sirens. If you play a Harmonica I guarantee your dog will howl like a wolf. Its unbelievably funny!
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Why do owls howl?

Owls do not howl, they hoot.    Owls make a variety of sounds, depending on species. The barred  owl, for example does hoot, but also makes sounds similar to a  dog's (MORE)
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Why do wolves howl?

Wolves howl to claim territory as a starter. They also howl during combat with another pack, but they mak their howl wavy so it sounds like there are more then there really ar (MORE)

Why does your dog howl when you howl?

You should be happy. The dog thinks of you either as the leader, or a high ranking member of the pack, so you howl, he howls. Howling is a throwback from your dog's wolf linea (MORE)
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Why do coyotes howl?

Coyotes howl to communicate with others that may be around. They normally howl when there is prey or to tell others to stay away!

Why do dogs howl?

Dogs howl as a form of communication. It is an instinctual responselearned from their wolf ancestry that allows them to locate otherdogs. Some dogs howl more than others and s (MORE)

How do you howl?

howle is all over my Davis and my Davis likes the way howle works things. if ya know what i meen. ;)
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Do hyenas howl?

If I am correct sort of their "laugh" might be considered a howl... I'm pretty sure they do.
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