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Why do dogs howl?

Dogs howl as a form of communication. It is an instinctual responselearned from their wolf ancestry that allows them to locate otherdogs. Some dogs howl more than others and s (MORE)

How do you howl?

howle is all over my Davis and my Davis likes the way howle works things. if ya know what i meen. ;)
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Do cats howl?

No, they can howl if they're sad or just give out a big wail. So Honestly I think Nope,
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What rhymes with howled?

growled growled   cowled, jowled   The words fouled, growled, scowled rhyme (to an extent) with howled. Please see the link for Rhymezone - a rhyming resource.
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Why do dogs howl when you howl?

Howling is a throwback from your dog's wolf lineage. Wolves howl together as a form of pack bonding. They learn each others' howls, and use those howls as a means of communica (MORE)
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What is Dusk Howl?

Dusk Wolves are the Wolves from Dusk Isle, The Isle in Dusk Howl, which is a Winged Wolf RPG site based on good and evil created by Destinye* in February 2010, on the host For (MORE)

Why does your dog howl when you howl?

You should be happy. The dog thinks of you either as the leader, or a high ranking member of the pack, so you howl, he howls. Howling is a throwback from your dog's wolf linea (MORE)
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Is howling an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Howling is a verb form, and a gerund  (noun). Howling can be used as an adjective, and the adverb form is  howlingly.
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