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What does HSDPA mean?

The full form of HSDPA is High-Speed Downlink Protocol Access . This is a technology that is generally incorporated in the latest high tech mobile phones for the purpose of (MORE)

Which networks support HSDPA in India?

Currently HSDPA supported by BSNL & MTNL 3G networks ... other private operators Airtel / vodafone / reliance / idea may start this service once govt auctions 3G spectrum (exp (MORE)

What is the HSDPA in mobile technologies?

High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) is a packet based technology for W-CDMA downlink with data transmission rates of 4 to 5 times that of current generation 3G networks (MORE)
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Which is better hsupa or hsdpa?

Which is better is a matter of opinion, because both work togetherto achieve a functioning system. HSPA stands for High Speed PacketAccess, while HSDPA is High Speed Downlink (MORE)
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Is HSDPA equal to 4G?

From what I gathered by research no it isn't. It's a more powerful 3g but not as good as an actual 4g capable device

What is hsdPa and edge?

HSDPA and EDGE are signal transmission technologies used to carry data over wireless used mainly by cellular companies. HSDPA will form part of 3G+ signals and EDGE is part of (MORE)