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What is http?

"http" is short for "hypertext transfer protocol" it is aspecification forming part of the World Wide Web (www) and is usedin the full web address to specify how the resource (MORE)

What does http do?

not really all websites has http:// and that well some are just www.come but most of the time u see http, yes i know when i was young i was wondering what does http means, but (MORE)

What is HTTP get?

HTTP get is a method of carrying over data from one page to another through the url. The syntax for sending a piece of data named number with the number nine is: (MORE)

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP is a non secure website, meaning if you enter your credit card info into it, it could be seen by someone you most likely don't want it to be seen by. HTTPS is secure S (MORE)

How can you get a http?

Dear person that needed the answer and reader, If you are talking about something like this: Https:// Your website has it just copy and past the beginning u (MORE)

How do you change http to https on PC?

Ok first of all http stands for: HyperText Transfer Protocol You cant change it to https becasue the s in https stands for secure. The web page you are looking at, if it has (MORE)

How do you change from http to https?

The website must have a HTTPS or SSL thing to make it work. SSL is what you get to have the HTTPS all site's dont have one of them yet. There a bit costly!

How do you upgrade http to https?

You may need to register for a new SSL certificate to be used by the server and web browser to identify your company, organization. One of the worlds leading providers of S (MORE)