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Is a cow huge?

A cow can seem quite large and intimidating if the only animalsyou've been around are cats and dogs. However, whether a cow is"huge" or not really depends on her body size. Yo (MORE)
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Are your breasts huge?

My boobs are huge and i am still young and i am in a 40DD
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How do you get your butt huge?

One way to expand your butt is too eat a lot of grass. Believe it or not, licking dog poo works as well. But some people take the simple route and just lick their own butt 5 t (MORE)

Why do you have a huge lip?

well there is a disese called jamie disease were your lip swells up because of all the spit building up when you talk. This may cuse slight slobbering and twiches that can be (MORE)

How huge is space?

Space is ever expanding with not only many galaxies but multiple universes that even at the current moment may be in the process of creation right now. Space can never be meas (MORE)

How huge is the universe?

The observable universe is thought to be a sphere about 93 billion light years in diameter (see related link).
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