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How huge is a star?

Stars can get pretty huge. The largest we know of might be a red  hypergiant in Canis Major, known as VY Canis Majoris, whose  diameter is over 1,300 times that of the Sun, (MORE)
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What is huge state?

A HUGE state is every state because it has a states country continent and also states are huge and boring we love Nikki manij and Chris brown and Ariana grandee and Bruno mars (MORE)

What are huge clouds?

Clouds of unusually large size. Yes. "Big" clouds are indeed a cloud no the less. Clouds are just condensed water vapor or ice crystals. Cloud droplets also require cloud (MORE)

What is a huge slime?

A slime is a green monster in Minecraft, found far below the ground level. When you kill them, they split into two smaller slimes. When you kill those, they split into smaller (MORE)