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What is a humanist?

A humanist is someone who places value on human beings, both  individually and collectively. They prefer to see evidence and  think critically rather than to follow religiou (MORE)

What is a humanists?

A Humanist is essentially any person who has a high view of human beings. Some Humanists are people of faith and some are not. The basic idea is that there is "good stuff" ins (MORE)

What were humanists?

Humanists in Italy worked towards a revival of the classical era.  Petrarch, considered as The Father of Humanism during the Italian  Renaissance, advocated humanist emphasi (MORE)

What is humanistic approach?

person-contered therapy approach Humanistic Approach: emphasizes that each individual has great freedom in directing his/her own future, a large capacity for achieving (MORE)

Who are humanists?

A person who has a strong interest in human welfare, dignity, and  values. They are agnostics and atheists who are versed in the  humanities and prefer the theory of evoluti (MORE)
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Are humanists atheists?

Not necessarily; the humanist philosophy places primary importance with humanity, but that is not incompatible with a belief in god (or gods); for example, a deist - who belie (MORE)
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What were humanist ideals?

First we have to know what a humanist is,a humanist is a person concern with with human problems who believed in man's ability to improve himself by using reason,so a humanist (MORE)
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What are studia humanist?

Studia humanits refers , the men who believe the human beings, and people have fullfill with the all category of the world.

Are Humanists Religous?

In a way, yes! The people who study HUMANITIES  study science and general knowledge. Although science and religion  are two separate things, it does not mean that they belie (MORE)