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What is a humanist?

A humanist is someone who places value on human beings, bothindividually and collectively. They prefer to see evidence andthink critically rather than to follow religious beli (MORE)

What is a humanists?

A Humanist is essentially any person who has a high view of human beings. Some Humanists are people of faith and some are not. The basic idea is that there is "good stuff" ins (MORE)

What were humanists?

Humanists in Italy worked towards a revival of the classical era.Petrarch, considered as The Father of Humanism during the ItalianRenaissance, advocated humanist emphasis on t (MORE)

Who are humanists?

A person who has a strong interest in human welfare, dignity, andvalues. They are agnostics and atheists who are versed in thehumanities and prefer the theory of evolution.
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What is humanistic framework?

Humanistic frameworks do not deny the existence of the unconscious, they tend to view the individual as motivated by the need to grow and develop and as potentially creative. (MORE)

Why is Michelangelo a humanist?

1. Michelangelo was influenced by several notable Humanist thinkers including Urbino during his early days. 2. He went to a humanistic school where he learned the value of hu (MORE)

What is secular humanist?

As you wrote it (e.g. haminist), this would refer to anon-religious person who specializes in preparing and curing ham.If you meant to ask about "secular humanism", it is an e (MORE)

Was Marx a humanist?

There was a period where Marx wrote about humanism and believed that the processes of production in capitalism increasingly alienated people. The working class in capitalism b (MORE)