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Where does Santa Claus work?

The North Pole of course With Mrs.Clause all the little elves and the 9 reindeer.   Santa Claus is a self-employed owner/manager of a non-profit toy factory in the North Po (MORE)

Who was Laura Secord?

. Laura was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on September 13 1775. She was one of four daughters. Her parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Ingersoll. Her father was in th (MORE)

How did santa make all the elves work for him?

Okay, so this is how it happened. Santa was walking along up in the north pole all lost and alone and stuff. He walked up on this village where there were all of these tiny pe (MORE)

How does secret santa work?

here this is what to do ...... 1 write all the names of people you want to include. 2 fold them and put them in a box. 3 get everyone to pick out a name (but don't tell (MORE)

Is saltpeter legal?

it is legal for the most part. if you are using it for non malicious purposes then it is completely fine. NOTE: MAKEING SMOKE GRENADESFOR PAINBALL AND SUCH IS LEGAL BUT MAKING (MORE)