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How was hunting and gathering and dream time stories passed down the generation?

Aboriginal stories and retelling of events were passed down through the generations by several methods:parents telling their children the storiestribal elders instructing the (MORE)

Why was the switch from hunting and gathering to farming important enough to be called the farming revolution?

  The switch from hunter/gatherer to and agrarian society was so important because for the first time in the history of humanity, people no longer had to be relatively nom (MORE)

Effects of technology on hunting and gathering?

That depends. Are you talking about how technology has assisted in making hunting and gathering more effective, or are you talking about how the advent of technology has mad (MORE)

Is hunting and gathering a form of nomadism?

Hunting is the reason for nomadism (not sure if that is legit). Nomads move from one place to another to follow herds of game aniamls, such as buffalo. Gathering is just a way (MORE)