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Hurricane Katrina after the hurricane?

New Orleans was almost completely destroyed. Let me make it short: costliest hurricane of all timeSquashed New Orleans as a category 3 hurricanemakes Hurricane Andrew look ti (MORE)

What does a hurricane do?

It destroys everything in it's path, even people. It can causeflash floods. Brings about lots of debris, dirty waters and it alsobrings a hand-full of sickness. The most destr (MORE)

Was hurricane sandy the worst hurricane?

No. Not even close. In terms of damage Hurricane Katrina was the worst at a cost of $105 billion (worth $125 billion today). Katrina killed over 1,800 people. In terms of deat (MORE)

Was hurricane Emily a bad hurricane?

Hurricane Emily was a very bad Hurricane. In fact, it was one of the most powerful hurricanes of the 2005 Hurricane Season; it just didn't really make landfall in the United S (MORE)

Was Hurricane Sandy a powerful hurricane or not?

In terms of wind speed it is not, at least compared with other historic hurricanes. Sandy had sustained winds of 110 mph in the Cribbean and 90 mph when it struck New Jersey. (MORE)

What do you do in a hurricane?

you keep calm .   Seek shelter well in advance of the hurricane's arrival, preferably well away from the shore line.
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Is there a hurricane called hurricane allie?

Not exactly. There was a Tropical Storm Allison, which caused major  flooding in the Houston area in 1991. It was the first Atlantic  storm to have its name retired without (MORE)