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What is a hypothetical situation?

"A question, based on assumptions rather than facts, directed to an expert witness intended to elicit an opinion." This is the definition for a hypothetical question. A hypo (MORE)
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How can you answer hypothetical questions?

Many times, hypothetical questions can be answered using deductivereasoning. Deductive reasoning means using logic, and this cansometimes help you determine the likely outcome (MORE)
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What is a hypothetical question?

This is a question that is based on a hypothetical scenario. This type of question often begins with "What if..." Generally, the scenario is not actively occurring.
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What is hypothetic?

Hypothetic is when someone or something turns into an unoriginal species, such as a dog or a lizard. The reasoning for the change is various genres of coincidences. Some inclu (MORE)
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What is a hypothetical population?

Statistical population which has no real existence but is imagined to be generated by repetitions of events of a certain type..
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What is a hypothetical story?

Basically, a story that posits a hypothesis. Or a story that makesa point. The word is more likely used in the phrases "hypotheticalreasoning," or a "hypothetical situation."
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What is hypothetical question?

Well, hypothetical means that something may exist only as a concept or idea. So, if you were asking a question about a time machine, that would be hypothetical, seeing as how (MORE)
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What is hypothetically?

Hypothetically is basically posing a "What-if" Scenario. People ask a question hypothetically when they're not saying a certain path of events will happen, but they want to co (MORE)
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What is a hypothetical problem?

A hypothetical problem is a problem that has not yet actually happened. Usually hypothetical problems are discussed in order to prepare for the problem, should it occur.
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Is this a hypothetical question?

No this is not a hypothetical question. A hypothetical question is a question that includes facts of evidence that is need for an opinion.