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What is a wholesaler?

They are people who buy large quantities of goods and resell to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers. They are sometimes called distributors.

What companies sell region 1 DVDs wholesale?

Region 1 DVD Wholesalers If you're looking for Region 1 DVDs at below wholesale, then you'll want to visit Moonlight Entertainment & Sales. According to their website, you c (MORE)

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How do you get a wholesale license?

The first step is to get a State Business License. File the forms at your county auditors department. Depending upon the occupation separate accredititions or certifications m (MORE)

Functions of wholesalers?

Wholesalers actually provide several marketing functions.  Essentially, wholesalers purchase items in bulk from the producers  and resell them individually to retailers.
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What does wholesale mean?

Selling of goods.That is what I got from my late night research  from Google Chrome. Hope this helped you out there!:)    Resellers get a special price on goods since (MORE)

What is a competitive wholesale price for an investment grade 1 carat diamond?

In order to establish a single price, you need a single set of particulars about the diamond you want to buy. For example, a retail price for a Flawless, D colour diamond in (MORE)