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What is icmp?

ICMP is the "Internet Control Message Protocol". ICMP packets are small packets used in local networks and on the Internet, most typically, for network troubleshooting and pro (MORE)

What are the main functions of icmp?

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), documented in RFC 792, is a required protocol tightly integrated with IP. ICMP messages, delivered in IP packets, are used for out-of (MORE)

Is icmp a routing protocol?

No, ICMP is not a routing protocol. ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is used by the Internet Protocol suite (IP) to send error and status messages. It is mainly used f (MORE)

Why there is restriction on generation of an ICMP message to a failed ICMP error message?

ICMP messages are of interest both to end-hosts and intermediate routers, although some messages are generally only sent by routers. It is never permissible for an ICMP error (MORE)

What steps are taken when forwadin an icmp packet?

For each router, the following steps occur: 1) The "access-group in" command is checked on the interface, and discards the packet if the rule tells it to do so. 2) The "TTL" (MORE)
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What is a ICMP packet?

Internet Control Message Protocol - ICMP provides maintenance and reporting functions. It's used by a PING program. When a user wasnts to test connectivity to another host, th (MORE)