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Is icmp a routing protocol?

  No, ICMP is not a routing protocol. ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is used by the Internet Protocol suite (IP) to send error and status messages. It is mainly (MORE)

Why doesnt the netstat command display any information about ICMP connections?

Netstat will display statistics for ICMP such as Packets Sent and Received Try netstat -s ICMP messages arent data packets that are usable by a computers user but by the OS it (MORE)

Why there is restriction on generation of an ICMP message to a failed ICMP error message?

ICMP messages are of interest both to end-hosts and intermediate routers, although some messages are generally only sent by routers. It is never permissible for an ICMP error (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of treating this event as an error discarding the packet and sending an ICMP message?

The IPv6 specification allows routers to ignore Flow Labels and also allows for the possibility that IPv6 datagrams may carry flow setup information in their options. Unknow (MORE)