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Can you a be winx club?

Maybe, fairies could be real. They could just be keeping it a secret. You just have to be lucky.
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What is musical?

"Musical" in its adjective sense means something is formed in a way that resembles or is music; It usually has (but not always all of:) tempo, pitch changes, volume dynamics, (MORE)

What does music do?

Music can awaken emotions in people and occasionally animals. It  can make them feel energetic, sad, happy, or bring out the feeling  that the person happens to be feeling a (MORE)

What is the Winx Club?

The Winx Club is the name of a group founded by the protagonist Bloom on the Italian animated series of the same name. It is shown on the kids channel 4Kids. This program is (MORE)

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Why is a club called a club?

Below is the etymology of the word club: It appears first circa 1200 AD, as a "thick stick used as a weapon," from Old Norse klubba, a cudgel, from Pre-Germanic. klumbon, rel (MORE)

What kind of music gets played in clubs?

From my experience, mostly techno and hiphop. But some may play stuff like rock. Depends on the club, really.
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Anyone remember the name of a music club on Belmont Avenue in the late 70's?

There was a club called the Quiet Knight on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield. I think it was a second story room that is now a tanning salon. I'm sure other people may kn (MORE)

What were the folk music clubs in Chicago?

The Quiet Knight on Belmont, the Earl of Old Town on Wells, Holstein's, Orphans, the Fifth Peg, Gate of Horn, Little John's.
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