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What does 'incoherent' mean?

Unable to think or express one's thoughts in a clear or orderly manner . Answer . 1.without logical or meaningful connection; disjointed; rambling: an incoherent sente ( Full Answer )
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Incoherent in a sentence?

Incoherent basically means unclear or confusing. A good sentencewould be, the man was incoherent while he had the very high fever.
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Can you give me example sentence incoherent?

One example could be - The drunk was too incoherent to understand. Another might be - Jack couldn't hear his wife's incoherent naggingfrom downstairs.
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Can you use incoherency in a sentence?

The incoherency of her story made it difficult for the jury to believe.. After sustaining a head injury, a patient's speech may be full of incoherency.
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Can you use incoherence in a sentence?

Her lecture was a blur of incoherence and the students assumed she was intoxicated. Due to the incoherence of the instuctions, it was difficult to assemble the furniture.
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Why the spontaneous radiation incoherent?

Because the moment of emission the polarization and the propagation direction , the direction of the wave vector is random. Spontaneous emission causes incoherent radiation.
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Can you use incoherencies in a sentence?

Your book report is full of incoherencies such as unpunctuated sentences, dangling antecedents, oxymorons and questionable logic.
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Why spontaneous emission is incoherent?

During spontaneous emission, photons are emitted randomly and hence they will not in phase with each other. such light is irregular and mixed of different frequencies,directio ( Full Answer )
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What is the root word for the word incoherent?

"Cohere" may actually be the root word. This is because there are many other words that use "-ent" as a suffix such as government, different and repellent. There are also m ( Full Answer )
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What is incoherent scattering?

Incoherent scattering is a type of scattering phenomenon in physics . The term is most commonly used when referring to the scattering of an electromagnetic wave (usually ( Full Answer )