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How has the music industry changed?

Modern technology (internet) has changed the music industry massively over the years. No longer do you have to buy something in a shop, you can simply go online, type in the m (MORE)
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What does ep mean in the music industry?

EP means extended play. LP means long play. It has to do with the length of a record. An EP usually consists of around 6 tracks, while an LP is closer to 10-12.
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How can a person get into the Music industry independantly?

  you can break into the music business   The irony of today is that the music industry is dead, but an individual has a better chance of making money as they break i (MORE)

What effects has digital music on the music industry?

It has had several effects, first of all before people would sit  down and do nothing but listening to music, however nowadays people  usually do something whilst listening (MORE)

How advertising has changed the music industry?

it  Has changed Because More and More people are Downloading free music Rather than Buying CD'S which is costing the economy billions of pounds. 7 billion people are download (MORE)

What did MTV do for the music industry?

It popularized the music video and became a central location for promoting new artists. With MTV, fans had access to music and music news all in one spot.
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Which music genre is easier for you to get into the music industry?

I don't really think genre plays a big part in getting into the industry. Genres less popular will have the least competition, but will also have the least potential because n (MORE)