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Antifederalists tended to be?

Anti-federalists tended to be small farmers, settlers and mostplantations owners. They were advocating for a weak centralgovernment and strong states.
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Please explain why journalists tend to use statistics and photographs and quotes and statements and how these tend to influence the audience?

Bricks are easier to swallow if you show a graph of why you should believe them. You only get a snapshot of 'the facts' and it is skewed by each individual, where they choose ( Full Answer )
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Is tend an adverb?

No. Tend is a verb, and the noun is tendency. There is no adverb to mean "in a way showing a tendency."
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Do you tend to try to influence your friends and family regarding right choices if so what are the implications for the way you are likely to function as a helper?

I actually do. In fact, I actively participate in question and answers websites and have my own profile where people can ask me questions directly. I give pretty good advice. ( Full Answer )
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What is an adverb for tend?

The verb 'tend' has two adjective forms, tended and tending.Neither has a formal adverb. Some adverbs that might describe the verb 'tend' are: carefully carelessly repeatedly ( Full Answer )
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Is tended an adjective?

No. Tended isa form of the verb tend (care for, manage). The similar word "tender" is an unrelated adjective.