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What is insertion?

Insertion is a genetic mutation when an extra base is added to the DNA before or during replication
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What is an artists?

Artist refers to a diverse range of human activities, creations, and expressions that are appealing or attractive to the senses or have some significance to the mind of an ind (MORE)
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How can you get to be an artist?

Go on and look up videos, sign up for a class, practice, be creative, buy good tools like sketchbooks and artist pencils, and buy a drawing book.
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How is it to be an artist?

it is different for everyone. How is it to be anything? It depends on the person and what they think and feel about being an artist. I am only 15 years old and not professiona (MORE)
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What do you have to do to be an artist?

mostly you have to be original with physical substances such as paint or you need to have a significant idea you want to express or if you have both you will probably be a ver (MORE)
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What are artists?

An artist as someone who create art in the form of painting, sculpture, prints, photographs, or drawings. An artist creates work as a form of self-expression.. (MORE)
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What do you have to have or do to be an artist?

artists who wish to gain commissioned works generally pursue a BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, although with enough skill, a degree is not necessary to enter the market.
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How can you be a artist?

if people appreciate you artwork enough to display or even buy them then you are an artist, artists aren't artists because they are famous. I have a relative who does art for (MORE)
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What can a artist do?

They can do many different things. There is sculpting, painting, portraits, pencil, charcoal, digital, singing, writing, and much more.