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What two pieces of evidence are brought out against Proctor in regard to his Christian nature?

Two pieces of information brought out as evidence to use against John Proctor, due to his christian nature are: 1) He does not go to church often, and on the Holy Day of the (MORE)

If they had no evidence against spm why is he in prison?

They wanted Carlos Coy (Spm) in prison, they would go to all cost  to get him in there and that's what they did. Carlos Coy was on the  verge of success but they dont want n (MORE)

What is active insufficiency of muscles?

When a muscle reaches a point where it cannot shorten any farther it is has reached active insufficiency. A muscle becomes actively insufficient at the end of the range of mot (MORE)

What is passive insufficiency?

    The inability of a muscle that spans two or more joints to be stretched sufficiently to produce a full range of motion in all the joints simultaneously.
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What happens if a case is dropped for insufficient evidence?

Just that, its dropped. There is no evidence to prove the defendant is guilty, therefore he or she cannot be convicted. Another View: It is not that simple! It is important t (MORE)