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Which international soccer player wears the number 15?

i have 15 too and i was also wondering at the start ( i didnt like it)until i thought that its not the number its the skill :) anyway, sergio ramos has it when he plays for ( Full Answer )
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Is it healthy physical or internally if your a guy who wears bras and thongs?

It is your own choice. It's not unhealthy, but don't tell people-you'll only get teased. If it's what feels right for you, it's better for you than wearing something else. Jus ( Full Answer )
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Internal-combustion engine parts to keep from becoming too hot and wearing away?

The use of two items are used. First is the Main cooling medium for the engine. Most cars use a Glycol/Water mixture via a pump to circulate it through out various ports insid ( Full Answer )
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Do police interns wear uniforms?

Well,why do police interns wearing uniforms in reasons of requirements of it in thier duties or possibly required to recognized the police intern activities as well as thier l ( Full Answer )