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What internal organs do parrots have?

Like humans, parrots have lots of interior structures and organs, and also share some of the same structures as us. All parrots have a brain, spinal column, trachea, esophagus (MORE)
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Do ladybugs have internal organs?

Yes, all insects have internal organs. These organs are different from mammals because they must support different types of systems like the open circulatory system and the ab (MORE)

What is International Organization?

Its a body wich that promote volutary cooperation and cordination  between members, from dfiferent nations.
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How you can increase the stamina of internal organs?

You can increase the stamina of each internal organ by performing actions that tax them, and then by immediately consuming protein. They function in a way, just like muscles o (MORE)

Functions of the internal organ of a chicken?

Different internal organs of a chicken have different functions.  The stomach and intestines help with digesting foods. The kidneys  help with filtering blood and producing (MORE)

Frogs and humans internal organs?

Though frogs are amphibians and humans are mammals, they both have  very similar anatomies. Both consist of organs, bones, muscles, and  skin and their bodies can be separat (MORE)