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What is the International Criminal Court?

It is a permanent court to indict indivuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. If you were wondering, indict means to write, point out, make known formally (MORE)

How do you mitigate a criminal court case?

In Criminal law mitigation of punishment refers to reduction in punishment due to mitigating circumstances that reduce the criminal's level of culpability. You could probably (MORE)

What does the International Criminal Court do?

  The International Criminal Court hears cases of the gravest breaches of international law, specifically cases of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crime (MORE)

Who disputes a criminal action in court?

The charged party disputes the criminal action by pleading "not guilty" to the charges. The prosecution bears the burden of proving that the charged party is guilty of a crimi (MORE)

Criminal court proceedings?

Criminal court proceedings are conducted in a courthouse where  evidence for and against the defendant is presented. The jury will  make a decision and the judge will pass t (MORE)

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