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What major highways or interstates go through Oregon?

There are two major Interstate highways in Oregon: Interstate 5 runs north and south from California to Washington west of the Cascade Mountain range. Interstate 84 runs east (MORE)
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Which is bigger Washington or Oregon?

Oregon covers 98386 square miles and is the 9th largest state in the United States. Washington covers 71303 square miles and is the 18th largest state is the United States.

What river separates the Washington from Oregon?

That would be the Columbia River. This river separates approximately two thirds of southern Washington from northern Oregon. At a place on the 46th parallel north this river t (MORE)
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Will Washington arrest you for an Oregon warrant?

It depends on how the warrant was listed in the nationwide database. Some warrants are extraditable only in the state in which it was issued; some cover that state and the sur (MORE)

Why are there volcanoes in Washington and Oregon?

The volcanoes in Washington and Oregon are part of the Cascade  Volcanic Arc, which stretches from northern California to British  Columbia. These volcanoes are associated w (MORE)