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How do you tell if your Intrauterine system has moved?

Answer .\n. \nI think you are asking about a prolapse.\n. \nIt may start with a heavy feeling of pressure in your vagina.\n. ( Full Answer )
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Viable intrauterine pregnancy?

Viable means alive (i.e. there was a heartbeat seen) . Intrauterine means 'inside your uterus' (where it should be)
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What does intrauterine pregnancy means?

Intrauterine pregnancy means that the pregnancy (fetus) is inside the uterus where it is supposed to be and not ectopic (in the tubes or anywhere other than the uterus).
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What is intrauterine device?

It's a small device that's inserted into the uterus(womb) to prevent an egg from attaching there and thereby preventing pregnancies.
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What are the Signs of intrauterine pregnancy?

Breast tenderness . Nausea , vomiting, or both . Missing a period or having an abnormal period . Weight gain . Breast enlargement, nipples darkening, or breas ( Full Answer )
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What is a intrauterine device?

A form of birth control that uses a small plastic or metal device. It is placed in the uterus by your doctor transvaginally, through the cervix. It prevents pregnancy by kee ( Full Answer )
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What do Intrauterine devices do?

An IUD prevents the fertilized egg from implanting in the lining of the uterus, and may have other effects as well
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How common are intrauterine adhesions?

relatively common in women and the majority of women undergoing gynecological surgery develop postoperative adhesions. Sometimes these pelvic adhesions cause chronic pelvic pa ( Full Answer )
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How does an intrauterine device (IUD) work?

The copper IUD releases copper into the uterus, which works as a spermicide. The others release a form of the hormoneprogestin into the uterus. The progestin thickens the ( Full Answer )