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Are there 57 states of Islam?

Yes. There are 57 members of the OIC, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation. However, only 49 nations have a Muslim majority and only 26 nations, in whole or in part have (MORE)

What events and figures have shaped the development of Islam in the United States?

Well, i believe people in the United States didn't know that much about Islam.But there are so many Muslims who immigrated to the states so they began to grab people's attenti (MORE)

What is the Islamic concept of welfare state?

Please see the Related Link below. However, Islam has never a had a state constructed similarly to Sweden where a large government bureaucracy organizes and supports medical c (MORE)

How is Pakistan an Islamic state?

Asalam,   A good question and a simple reply, Pakistan is simply not an Islamic state, the things that happen here are not subject to any shariah court or anything, not eve (MORE)

What is the repeat unit of design for Islam?

The four basic shapes, or "repeat units," from which the more complicated patterns are constructed are: circles and interlaced circles; squares or four-sided polygons; the ubi (MORE)

In view of Islamic rejection of the U S Constitution our laws and culture plus having sole allegiance to Sharia law should the practice of Islam be banned in the United States?

  Banning the practice of a religion would be unconstitutional in the US.   A more likely scenario would be for Islam to be stripped of its religious designation, since (MORE)

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