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What is isometric?

what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscle present?. what resistance isometric movement is common painful if strain of the wrist muscl ( Full Answer )
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What is isometric sketching?

isometric drawing / sketching is the same thing ; is where an object is seen in almost 3D profile, from each edge . so a view would be drawn showing the front (1) ; the slop ( Full Answer )
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Is a rotation an isometric?

Rotations, reflections, and translations are all isometries while a dilation isn't because it doesn't preserve distance
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What is isometric projection?

Isometric projection is another way of saying 3D. With isometricprojection things are drawn on a two dimensional surface to showhow they would look in 3D.
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How do you do an isometric contraction?

An isometric contraction is when your muscles contract but there is no movement. To do one you just need to apply a force to an immovable object. In the strength training s ( Full Answer )
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What is isometric movement?

Isotonic contraction results in shortening of the muscle, leading to movement. In Isometric contraction, as the name implies, there is no change in length of the muscle. Th ( Full Answer )
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What are isometric lines?

They are lines that are equal in distance. The word comes from Greek and means 'having equal measurement'. A line is also isometric if it connects isometric points.
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What is a isometric triangle?

An isometric triangle is a 3 dimensional triangle shown on a flat surface or in 2 dimensions.
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What is isometric axes?

isometric axes is atlen words taht can be the same to another words like axis]
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What is the definition of 'isometric'?

"Iso" means "Same" and "Metric" means "measurements". So Iso Metric or Isometric means "same measurements. "