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How does an ISP work?

The ISP is housed in a building called a data center, which contains all of the computing and networking computer that runs the ISP. However, the equipment inside the data cen (MORE)

What is the function of an ISP?

The function of an Internet service provider is simply to provide Internet service to those who need Internet service. Internet service providers, may offer dial-up or broadba (MORE)

What does ISP stand for?

ISP in simple words is an Internet Service Provider. An ISP provides internet access to homes and companies. An ISP may operate at the national or local (regional) level. A na (MORE)

What is an example of an ISP?

An ISP is an Internet Service Provider, essentially a company which allows you to access the Internet, examples would be companies such as AOL, Virgin, BT and Talktalk in the (MORE)

How do you choose an ISP?

Here's some advice from the Federal Consumer Information Center: Telephone and cable companies may provide this service, and there are many other companies to choose from as (MORE)

What is a computer ISP?

The question is a bit off. ISP is not part of a computer (hardware) it's a service that enable one to connect to the internet :   Internet Service Provider, For example, (MORE)

Is there a difference between a local ISP and a residential ISP?

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) allows a home, business or just  a person to connect to the internet. There are many ISP's  nationwide (or worldwide).   A local ISP i (MORE)