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Why did ti pick the name ti?

T.I.'s full rap name was T.I.P. & he got it from his grandfather as a child, he just shortened it to T.I. because at the time he was signed to a record label with an already e (MORE)
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What is a ti-liger?

It is a cross breed between a male tiger and a female liger/tigon or a male lion with a female tigon/liger. Do note that female ligers or tigons are fertile. They are extremel (MORE)

Does ti ti mean aunt?

Yes , 'ti-ti' is a Spanish equivalent of 'aunt'. But it's a particularly affectionate way of saying 'tia'. So perhaps a more correct English equivalent is 'auntie' or 'aunty'. (MORE)

What are Slavic ties?

Slavic Peoples speak Languages related to Russian in the distant past. They are usually of the Orthodox faith, as is Russia. They suffered, First from Mongol Aggression, and l (MORE)

What is the ti?

T.I. doesn't stand for anything. His childhood name was Tip, that's what everyone called him when he was growing up. So he just shortened it to T.I. because of the rapper Q-Ti (MORE)

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