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Can you sell shares in Companies West Group Inc?

CompaniesWestGroup.Inc are under investigation from the FBI I have been informed today (7/Jan/2011) by a FBI agent in Ardmore OKLAHOMA. They state that the address on the webs (MORE)

Is dynamex inc a publicly owned company?

Dynamex Inc is publicly held delivery company--while a totally separate company is DYNAMEX Corporation, a privately held company in Carson, CA, that designs, develops and buil (MORE)

In the movie Monsters Inc what does the company Monsters Inc do?

Monsters, Inc. is a power company that supplies power to the  monster world, but they can only get the power they need from  children's screams. That is why they scare the c (MORE)

Do you have to use inc after company name when company is incorporated?

Yes, when you incorporate your company you will have to choose some variation of Incorporation, Company or Corporation after your company name. You will need to choose either (MORE)

Dole Food Company Inc. vision?

Dole Food Mission Statement: "Dole Food Company, Inc. is committed to supplying the consumer and our customers with the finest, high-quality products and to leading the ind (MORE)