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Does elizabeth in pirates of the Caribbean 4 fall in love with captain jack sparrow?

  NO! Elizabeth, never, not once had even the slightest interest in Captain Jack. Elizabeth remained faithful in At Worlds End and broke the curse on Will. She's not going (MORE)

Does jack sparrow die in pirates of the Caribbean dead man's chest?

No. When he is eaten by the Kraken, he is sent to Davy Jones' Locker. In At World's End, they rescue him. Can't be a Pirates of the Carribean movie without Captain Jack! I can (MORE)

Does Jack Sparrow have a brother or father in Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

  Yes, a father, Captain Teague, played by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. When Johnny Depp first started playing Captain Jack Sparrow, he copied the voice of Keith (MORE)
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How did jack sparrow become a pirate?

First, he was employed by East India Trading Company under Lord Beckett. He refused to sail ship Marlin because it was slave ship. He got Wicked Wenche (later renamed to Black (MORE)

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