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Who played the guitar in the Jackson 5?

Tito played lead guitar. Jermaine played rhythm guitar in the early years, then switched to bass guitar.
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Who played the guitar solo on Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson?

  Steve Stevens, Billy Idol's guitarist. He is also well known for having co-composed and played the "Top Gun Anthem" from the film Top Gun.     In the music video (MORE)

Is Michael Jackson on Guitar Hero?

No he just has a song that is on guitar hero world tour which is beat it.  NO he just has a song on guitar hero that noe can beat!
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Which guitar is better a Jackson or fender?

I'd say Jackson. i think Jackson are much better purely because of the hardware that comes with it. i can get an amazing tone out of my Jackson guitar, nice distortion, nice c (MORE)

Did Michael Jackson play guitar?

Yes. Michael Jackson was a very amazing guitarist. He was also an  amazing singer as well. Michael Jackson started singing when he was  6, and started playing guitar when he (MORE)

Are epiphone guitars better than Jackson guitars?

  no ------------------------------------------------------------- it's really a matter of what you like try both and also fenders ibanez maton and any other guitar that t (MORE)

Are Jackson guitars good?

well yeah they are! Some consider them to be some of the best guitars on the market. It really depends on your playibility and the genre of music that you listen to, getting a (MORE)

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