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Did James brown have sisters or brothers?

yes his brother is kevin jones and his sisters are margret jones  and geraldine jones and marilyn jones (deceased) had a brother  joseph jones (deceased) and a brother named (MORE)

Who is James Brown?

James brown was/is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. if you go to and type in "James brown biography" you will learn all about him... even if you just l (MORE)

How did James Brown die?

James Brown was suffering with a chesty cough which he picked up  from a trip in Europe.    On December 23rd 2006 during a dentist appointment, Mr Brown's  dentist no (MORE)

Why did James Brown die?

  On December 25, 2006, Brown died at approximately 1:45 AM EST from congestive heart failure resulting from complications of pneumonia. He was not poisoned.
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How do you address a Canadian politician?

  "Your Majesty"   * Queen or King of England   "Your Royal Highness"   * Prince Consort  * Prince of Wales  * Duke of York  * Earl of Wessex  * Princess (MORE)

Is James Brown a Role Model?

He is a wonderful role model for his musical achievements. James Brown had a very unique music and dance style and has earned a standing as one of the greatest legends in musi (MORE)

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