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What do you do after you get the football from Lucy and Charlie Brown?

Use the football to knock the green hat off the tree, where you found Linus's blanket. Where, you ask? All the way at the end, where Snoopy is. Next, you have to begin you (MORE)

Did James brown have sisters or brothers?

yes his brother is kevin jones and his sisters are margret jones  and geraldine jones and marilyn jones (deceased) had a brother  joseph jones (deceased) and a brother named (MORE)

Who is James Brown?

James brown was/is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. if you go to and type in "James brown biography" you will learn all about him... even if you just l (MORE)

How did James Brown die?

James Brown was suffering with a chesty cough which he picked up  from a trip in Europe.    On December 23rd 2006 during a dentist appointment, Mr Brown's  dentist no (MORE)

Why did James Brown die?

  On December 25, 2006, Brown died at approximately 1:45 AM EST from congestive heart failure resulting from complications of pneumonia. He was not poisoned.
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Is James Brown a Role Model?

He is a wonderful role model for his musical achievements. James Brown had a very unique music and dance style and has earned a standing as one of the greatest legends in musi (MORE)

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