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What is 'Vincent' in Italian?

Vincenzo is an Italian equivalent of 'Vincent'. It's a masculine proper name that's pronounced 'veen-CHEHN-tsah'. Many names in Italian have feminine and masculine equivalent (MORE)

What are Vincent van Gogh's paintings of?

he expressed emotion in his paintings so when he painted nature, he expressed emotion in it -Unknown Answer 2: His paintings were about poor people that he had helped in t (MORE)

What is Jan Michael Vincent's official fan mail address?

Mr. Vincent is retired and is known to be reclusive. There does not appear to be a fan contact address available for him.
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Who was Vincent Spaulding?

Vincent Spaulding was a character in the red-headed league story (Sherlock Holmes). He was Jabez Wilson's assistant working half-wages. Later on in the book you find out that (MORE)
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What songs did Vincent Ambrosetti compose?

\nHe has composed over 300 published songs. Most well known titles are: "Sanctuary" (he sang at Mother Teresa's Funeral), "Blest Are We," "Emmanuel," "This Is Our Faith," "W (MORE)

Why did Vincent cut his ear off?

Vincent van Gogh cut off one of his ears because he had had an argument with one of his friends. The argument may have been whether Paul Gauguin was going to leave Arles, wher (MORE)

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