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What was the environment at Lowood in Jane Eyre?

Lowood, the school Jane is sent to by Mrs. Reed, is cold and harsh.  Run by the strict Mr. Brocklehurst, the school is certainly not a  fun place for Jane. She resents if ev (MORE)

Jane Eyre summary in brief?

As a young orphan, Jane is sent to live with her uncle, who dies soon after her arrival. Jane is left in the care of her cruel aunt, who sends her to Lowood School to become a (MORE)

Jane Eyre mother figures?

One mother figure is Miss Temple, the headmistress of Lowood  Institution and later her friend, when Jane Eyre became a young  adult. Miss Temple married and left Lowood, wh (MORE)

How does Rochester seduce Jane in Jane Eyre?

Rochester does not use any special technique to seduce Jane Eyre, however he does take her for a walk every day and tells her about his travels throughout the world. These act (MORE)

What is the main conflict of Jane Eyre?

In the book Jane Eyre, one of the main points of the book is also Jane Eyre's largest conflict. This conflict was not with others, but with herself and her culture. Jane Eyre (MORE)

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Was Jane from Jane Eyre benevolent?

Certainly, she"s a good-girl character, not a femme Fatal or some sort of well, female gangster type. Lead man Rochester ( not the Jack Benny character!) sort of vacillates be (MORE)