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Where was jean harlow buried?

  She lies buried in the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California as do many famous film stars. She was buried in a pink negligee she had worn in the film (Libeled lad (MORE)

Is there a school named after Harlow shapley?

  Not quite. There was a school in ridgefield CT name The Shapley School that was named after Dr. Harlow Shapley's son, Carl Shapley. Carl Shapley was the headmaster. A ve (MORE)

How did Jean Harlow die?

  The actress succumbed to Uremic poisoning a form of Kidney disease. her demise was aggravated by the fact her Mother, a devout Christian Scientist, refused medical help (MORE)

Where is Harlow crematorium?

    = Parndon Wood Crematorium and Cemetery =   Contact Information   If you require any information or advice regarding cremations or burials please contact : (MORE)

Why was Harlow Shaply famous?

Harlow Shapley was the first to realise that the Milky Way Galaxy was much larger than previously believed, and that the Sun's place in the galaxy was in a nondescript locatio (MORE)

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Is Red Harlow John Marston?

Though Red Harlow from Red Dead Revolver bears a passing resemblance to John Marston, the 2 aren't related, except by studio creators. There are subtle differences in both cha (MORE)