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Where did the surname Goodman originate?

The proud and noble English surname of Goodman derives from the  ancient Anglo-Saxons to mean "son of Godmund". The surname is first  found in Norfolk, where they had held a (MORE)
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What is Lilly Goodman most known for?

Lilly Goodman is a relatively new Christian Music artist making a powerful entrance into the genre. Her second album, recorded with Jesus Romero, earned amazing remarks over t (MORE)

Who was Benny Goodman?

A great band leader and a pioneer in music.   ===== To expand, Benny Goodman was the most famous clarinet player of the Swing Era, and arguably was matched in talent only (MORE)
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Who is vestal goodman?

Vestal Goodman is a famous southern gospel singer. She was a member of the singing group "The Happy Goodmans." Vestal, and her husband Howard regularly were a part of Bill Gai (MORE)


Young Goodman Brown was the eponymous character in a much-anthologized short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Presumably, he was called "Young Goodman Brown" in the story (rather (MORE)

Who was joan miro?

Joan Miro Joan Miro was a Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramist. Miro was born on April 20th, 1893 and became a surrealist painter. He has won many awards such as The Gold (MORE)

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How did Benny Goodman become famous?

Benny Goodman, born on May 30, 1909 was known as the King of Swing. He became a member of the American Federation of Musicians when he was only 14. When he was just 16 he was (MORE)