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Why are animals hunted?

Animals are hunted so that populations are kept down. In the case of deer for example. If deer are not hunted then they will over populate and will devour their food supply. M (MORE)

What is an IT job?

IT is acronym for informational tech.   It is a study of softwares and how it interacts with people   IT job depends on what particular sector has been done   there a (MORE)
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How do you hunt on Wolfquest?

Check your map using the M key, find a shaded hunting ground, and head towards it. When you arrive in the hunting ground, use the V key to sniff out a purple trail and find th (MORE)

What hunts the kiwi?

The kiwi is a small, defenceless, flightless bird, so many creatures hunt it - all or which are introduced. Domestic and wild dogs, cats, stoats, wild hogs, ferrets and weasel (MORE)

What is the biggest frustration in the job hunting process?

The biggest frustration is wondering if or when a potential employer will call you (did you get the job), or getting turned down. You cannot let it discourage you. You simply (MORE)