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Who started Johannes Brahms career?

Robert Schumann catapulted Brahms into the spotlight after he hailed him as the "saviour of German music" and "the long awaited successor to Beethoven." He was only 20 years o (MORE)

Who were Johannes Brahms' parents?

Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg. His father, Johann Jakob Brahms, came to Hamburg from Schleswig-Holstein seeking a career as a town musician. He was proficient on several (MORE)

Who was Johannes Brahms wife?

  He had no wife. He was in love with Clara but they never got married
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What was Johannes Brahms religion?

Brahms was brought up a Lutheran protestant. Apparently, he read the Bible throughout his life, but early on distanced himself from Christian doctrine. He regularly used the (MORE)

What is Johannes Brahms middle name?

According to lengthy research, it's rather evident that Brahms didn't have a given middle name. The only ones who would know are Brahms' parents, and they're dead. :-)
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Who was Johannes Brahms' first music teacher?

His father was his very first musical teacher. But as Brahms' talent increased, his father realized he needed other instruction which his father secured with Friedrich Cossel (MORE)

Did Johannes Brahms ever have children?

He never married even though he was engaged at one point. He apparently had strong feelings for several other women. There is no history of him ever having offspring.
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Who was Johannes brahms mother?

Johannes Brahms mother was Johanna Henrika Christiane Nissen. His  father was Johann Jakob Brahms. Johannes Brahms date of birth was  May 7th, 1833 and he passed away on Apr (MORE)

Who were Johannes brahms friends?

It has been said that Brahms' friends included Robert and Clara  Schumann, Hans von Bulow, Albert Dietrich, Felix Mendelssohn,  Joseph Joachim, Franz Liszt (to a certain ext (MORE)