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Who is the youngest vice governor of iloilo Philippines?

As of October 13 2008, the youngest Vice Governor of Iloilo Province, Philippines, is The Son of Former Bureau of Customs Regional Director Atty. Gil B. Armada Sr. and Thelma (MORE)

What are the CPA review schools in Iloilo City?

There is only one known review school in Iloilo: Visayas School of Accountancy - Iloilo Review School. It has two branches: one in Iloilo City, Iloilo and one in Leganes, Ilo (MORE)
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Why is josefa Llanes escoda called a brave woman?

because he gave foods to the katipunero even the spaniards have a rule that if a 1 trades them and they gave foods to the katipunero the spaniards will punish them and the pun (MORE)

What is the postal code of Iloilo city?

5000 Philippines (You may want to check my source for similar  queries in the future-->just look for on the world  wide web and, on their homepage, click on the (MORE)

Why is Josefa Llanes-Escoda called a brave woman?

Josefa Llanes Escoda was an activist of women's rights from The  Philippines. She was also the founder of the Girl Scouts of the  Philippines. She studied to became a teache (MORE)

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