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What is maglev?

"magnetic" "levitation" A cute way to make trains float - thus reducing rolling friction, but NOT air friction.
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How is a maglev train useful?

Trains are useful for moving people quickly and safely.Maglev trains use electricity for power. This can come from renewable energy sources, in which case they have no carbon (MORE)

When did maglev start?

The concept of magnetic levitation was first examined by Samuel Earnshaw in 1842; his conclusion was that it was not feasible. However more recent innovations and scientific d (MORE)

How does a maglev train move forward?

Magnets attract or repel (opposite poles attract: like poles repel), and electro-magnets can be turned on and off, or have their poles reversed, in an instant. So magnets are (MORE)

What is Maglev short for?

Magnetic Levitation. A Maglev train uses electro-magnets to keep the train floating above the tracks, thus eliminating friction.
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Who is the inventor of maglev trains?

The maglev train was first invented in 1902 . It was invented by a guy named Alfred Zehan OF GERMANY… and invented in japan
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How does the Maglev work?

Maglev is the shortened form of Magnetic Levitation. It uses a  series strong magnets to raise a train above the rails and propel  it forward by magnetic conduction. There a (MORE)