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What is juking?

Answer . Where im from its to abscond from class... also, it means to bob for apples on halloween. Whichever fits really.. Answer . \nwho created juking?
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Can you juke a bear?

Further clarifying the answer below, it must be stated that only the "juke master" is able to juke the bear due to the fact that the vision and movement capabilities of both b (MORE)

How do you juke in football?

when i juke in football i do it one of two can look one direction (as if u were gonna go that direction) but then quickly run the other way, or u can just chop your (MORE)

How do i get juked?

In World of Warcraft, you can get juked (fooled, mislead, scammed) by players who are unscrupulous. They tell you they will sell you something (item, service, crafting) then t (MORE)

How do you juke a boy?

first u make sure ur butt is on his dick and then you catch the beat and start dacin on him u can do it slow or fast ur opion 4 u grown up u guys or girls call it grindin. the (MORE)

What is juke-em?

to fool somebody; to fake someone out. ie: "I totally juked that guy when I went in for the kiss, then turned my head and walked away. "
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What did juke boxes do?

Kids are always like to play with the Juke boxes. It will produce music's this is helpful for their brain development.