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What is the juliana theory?

the Juliana theory is about me, my great great grandfather was a mathematician and scientist. he made up a theory for math. which is the division,but when he died my mom heard (MORE)

Who is Juliana hansen?

Juliana Hansen is an actress who was born on January 25, 1983. She  worked as a voice actress in The Land Before Time IV: Journey  Through the Mists.

Is juliana pregnant?

she had her baby a few weeks ago and her and manny broke up because manny was looking at a girls butt, that little mouse cut the chesse.
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How old is Juliana Vieira?

According to her Facebook page, the YouTube sensation Juliana  Vieira is currently 19 years old as of 2014. She is a very talented  guitarist that hails from Brazil.

Why did Queen Juliana abdicate?

Official answer- health problems. She stepped down in favor of her daughter Beatrix . With Wilhelmina ( abdicated in l948 ) there is a not too remote possibility of fall-out f (MORE)