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What is kala-zar?

kalazar is a very dangerous disease as paedatricians say. it can be spreaded because ofharmful drugs used.
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Who is kala sapp?

kala sapp; adjetive- beautiful, pretty, fine, gourgous, amazing looking, make-you-wanna-stare, that kind of person. . kala sapp; adjetive- beautiful, pretty, fine, gourgous ( Full Answer )
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What does kala mean in Hawaiian?

the hawiian name kala means the sun as in the sun in the sky. this name is meaing of how the sun is strong and big and bold so kala would be a great name for boys (ka-law)
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What does the hof stand for to harry kalas?

HOF stands for Hall of Fame. In 2001 or 02 Harry was inducted into the hall of fame as a broadcaster, the most prestigious award in baseball. In a tribute video they did for h ( Full Answer )
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What would be kala Ralph in Japanese?

If this is a name or something, where Kala is the first name and Ralph is the last name, then it would be カラ・ラルフ.
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Where can you get a Kala ukulele?

Pretty much anyplace that sells ukulele will have the Makala line of ukuleles, the starting line of Kala ukuleles. You can check the Kala web site and use their Dealer Locator ( Full Answer )
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Kalonji and Kala-Zeera are same?

No. Both have been called "Black Cumin" but kalonji is Nigellasativa and Kala Zeera is Bunium persicum
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What is grown on the island of kalae Hawaii?

The main thing that the island of Ka'Lae, Hawaii is known for, is their growth of macadamia nuts. These nuts can be commonly found in cookies, cakes, and as a snack.
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What has the author Advaita Kala written?

Advaita Kala. has written: 'Almost single' -- subject(s): Fiction, Mothers and daughters, Women, Social life and customs, Mate selection