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What is kamasutra?

A Sanskrit treatise setting forth rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure, love, and marriage in accordance with Hindu law.
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Who is the author of Kamasutra?

Sir Shahanil Anthony of INDIA tranlated Pieces of sanskrit text that were put together nearly 2 thousand years ago ading a few bits here and there to make the whole thing a bi (MORE)

Who invented kamasutra?

Kamasutra is book written by Valsyayana.The techniques described in it are tradional knowledge and his experience.
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What does Kamasutra mean?

kama sutra _ n. In Sanskrit literature, a treatise on love and sexual technique Kama "love" Sutra "series of aphorisms," 1801, from Sanskrit sutram "rule," lit. "strin (MORE)
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Define Eros kamasutra?

eros is the greek god of love,also known as cupid   aw :) Further it relates to EROS - EROTICA which ultimately means exitement..(full of exitement), which can be defined i (MORE)

Where can you find all kamasutra positions?

The kama sutra is an ancient Hindu text. While there are many  positions in the text, the kama sutra is a part of a collection of  Hindu philosophy to describe life goals. T (MORE)
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Where can one get KamaSutra condoms?

Kamasutra condoms are manufactured and marketed in India. They can be bought direct from the kamalounge web site and mailed to you but delivery is limited to Indian addresses. (MORE)