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Why is there a shrine in honor to thomas becket?

There is no shrine to honour St Thomas Becket - it was destroyed along with all other English shrines by king Henry VIII in around 1538. There was a shrine because he was made (MORE)
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How do you get into the dragon shrine in soulsilver?

You go to the Dragon's Den behind the Blackthorn City Gym, have a Pokemon with HM Whirlpool and HM Surf. I used max repel, because I have higher leveled Pokemon and hate the w (MORE)
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What is the holy shrine of islam?

Islam has many holy shrines. the most Important is mecca. every place that a prophet or Imam has been lived or buried is a shrine. also places mentioned in Koran as a holy pl (MORE)

Shrines to Buddha are called?

It depends on the region in which you live. They can called a shrine, stupa, chorten pagoda, temple.
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Where is thomas becket's shrine now?

The magnificent shrine of St Thomas Becket, Archbishop and martyr, was completely destroyed by commissioners acting for king Henry VIII in 1538. It is recorded that 26 wagon l (MORE)

How is a shrine different from a church?

  A church is a building in which Masses are held either by a Priest or a Vicar. A shrine is usually an object at a holy site.
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Why do Buddhists have shrines?

A Shrine, whether it is a public shrine or a private shrine room, is used as a place of meditation and dedication to the ideals set forth by The Buddha.
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Can rabbits eat kamo kamo?

Kamo kamo (Cucurbita pepo) is not a natural part of a pet rabbit's diet. There isn't any information online about whether or not it is safe for them. Kamo kamo is a kind of (MORE)

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