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Kanye West favorite song?

His favourite song by him is "Through the Wire" told about his jaw accident.His favourite song (not by him) is Jay-Z's ft.Mary J Blige, "Cant knock the Hustle/Family Affair" h (MORE)

Does Kanye West like Beyonce?

Well yeah then how did he interrupt the stage and said that beyonce was better than Taylor swift?
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Did Kanye West go to college?

He did go to college. But he dropped out. He went to the Chicago State University. After that, he worked as a telemarketer, selling insurance.
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Is Kanye West dead?

Kanye West is not dead. From the Associated Press: On October 21, a bizarre story was posted on the Internet claiming that rapper Kanye West died during a car crash in Los (MORE)

What was Kanye West education like?

Polaris High School, Attened Chicago State and Clark Atlanta Universities. He dropped out of the college courses to focus on music.
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Is Kanye West a genius?

Depends on how you look at it. He is very creative in his musical  style, and has a unique sense of lyricism. He has sold a lot of  records and won a lot of awards. If that (MORE)

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