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How did national trades union affect workers?

Unions provide workers with collective bargaining power. The alternative is to cross ones fingers and hope that companies and corporations will be nice, play fair, and give ra (MORE)

What transformed the Soviet Union from a rural nation to an industrial nation?

Lennin was the one who had the power over the soviet union meaning the communist party in Russia and he started to come up with some plans to stabolize russia but before he co (MORE)

Why was the Soviet Union excluded from the league of nations?

  The Soviet Union firstly had invaded Poland alongside the Nazi Wehrmacht because they had signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact. Second, the USSR overrun various nations through t (MORE)

What is the purpose of the NAtional Farmers Union?

The National Farmers Union (officially Farmers' Educational and Cooperative Union of America) is a national federation of State Farmers Union organizations in the United State (MORE)
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How many nations were in the former Soviet Union?

The USSR came into being after the Russian Revolution and Civil War. In 1922 the Treaty of the Soviet Union was signed between Russia, (newly named the Russian Soviet Federate (MORE)

What was the first national labor union?

  The first American labor union dated from before 1800, an association of shoe makers in Philadelphia called the Knights of St. Crispin. Workmen's Associations became the (MORE)

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