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What music artists have diamond albums?

According to the RIAA's certification guidelines, a diamond album is one that has sold over 10 million copies in the U.S. 69 artists have received diamond certification, some (MORE)

What music album has sold the most copies? go here: Michael Jackson is 1st with over 100 milion copies (thriller) hes not second though, his "bad" an (MORE)

What is this in java?

The keyword "this" refers to the current class instance.    this.getName(); is used to call the getName() method of the current class. Ideally speaking just getName(); (MORE)

Is tom kaulitz dating ria?

Even if there are pics with Tom and Ria together, it's not true. They said that we shouldn't believe everything that's on internet, unless they confirm it, and after all maybe (MORE)

What band in music history has released the most albums?

It depends on whether you are considering published albums, studio  albums, collaborations, and re-releases. And whether you count  albums by individual members or parts of (MORE)

Why are music albums released on Tuesday?

  According to a spokesman for the Recording Industry Association of America, CDs are always released on Tuesdays because Billboard Magazine, the music industry's lead (MORE)
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When writing the title of a music album or CD do you underline it?

According to our American Popular Music teach Scott Bacon for "long works" i.e. album titles you should italicize or underline and for song titles use wuotes.
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What does do in java?

You never write "do" seperately in Java. The only situation I can think of when you have to write "do" is in the "do while" statement. This is the syntax: do { statement(s) (MORE)