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Who is Elizabeth Blackwell?

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman doctor in America. She wasborn on February 3rd, 1821 and died on May 31st, 1910 of a stroke.
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Elizabeth blackwell time line?

 Timeline of Elizabeth Blackwell   1821: Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3rd, 1821 in  Bristol, England. Her parents were Samuel Blackwell and Hannah Black (MORE)

How many children does Chris Blackwell have?

Chris Blackwell did have children from his first marriage to his wife Ada. He prefers to not mention their names publicly as he feels that it is not information for the public (MORE)

What were opinions for elizabeth blackwell?

Elizabeth Blackwell was a very stong and brave pioneer in the field of medicine. She proved that women can have the same professions as males. She worked her way through what (MORE)