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What is the origin of the surname Kiel?

While early records of the German surname of Kiel are found in  southern Germany, it is widely believed that "Kiel" is a  habitational-type surname, based upon the name of a (MORE)

Who is Meaghan Martin?

Meaghan Martin is a singer and an actress on Disney Channel.   Full Name: Meaghan Jette Martin   Date of Birth: Febuary 17th, 1992   Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada (MORE)

Who was lockheed Martin?

    The name Lockheed Martin came from the merger of Lockheed Corp. and Martin Marietta Corp. in 1995. The Lockheed name came from aviation pioneers Allan and Malcolm (MORE)

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Who is is Martin Luther?

    Martin Luther posted the 95 theses in 1505 and that started the Protestant Reformation. He is also known as the Father of the Protestant Reformation, since he star (MORE)

Who is Richard Kiel?

Richard Kiel is an actor, well-known for his performance in the famous shark movie "Jaws". Not only did he feature in the movie Jaws, but also 2 different James Bond movies: T (MORE)